“President Trump is a corruption fighter,” Fitton claims – “he knew something was up in Ukraine and he pushed.” This week’s Weekly Update focused on the Senate’s Friday vote on witnesses and the final stages of the Impeachment Trial.

The impeachment proceedings, or “the world according to Adam Schiff,” as Fitton describes, will draw to a close this week thanks to the President’s “able defense,” and the rule of law, a  “Buzzsaw” to the “coup-cabal” Fitton states. With “zero due process” underwritten by an “outrageous defamation and smearing of the President,” Fitton has repeatedly described the Trump impeachment trial as the “worst abuse by the House of Representatives in American history.”

“Normal courts would shut this process down,” Fitton continues. Based on “deficient information… and a lack of evidence,” the impeachment effort led by Adam Schiff is an “impeachment about nothing.” To this point, Judicial Watch commends the Senators who voted against new witnesses on Friday, Fitton states. After all, Schiff subpoenaed 17 “witnesses” in the House, and barred “the President was barred from cross-examining” any of them.

To date, positive action has also been taken by the DOJ, which recently disavowed a number of “spy warrants against Carter Page and President Trump.. thereby confirming that there were crimes committed” in the FISA application process. Notwithstanding this “impeachment abuse” – President Trump is a corruption fighter,” in Fitton’s words. Furthermore, in the many months of the impeachment trial, testimony shows that “Trump was rightly concerned about Ukraine,” and evidence suggests that “Ukrainians were working with the Clinton campaign and the DNC in leaking info,” Fitton affirms. Despite being correct in his judgement of the Biden-Ukraine connection, President Trump has been “victimized” by Schiff’s “Alice in Wonderland logic,” one based on “verdict first, evidence never”.

Throughout the impeachment process, the Constitution has been “assaulted and damaged” by the Left, which has endorsed a precedent of “impeachment for Presidents they don’t like.” However, while the Senate seemed “held hostage to Adam Schiff” prior to Friday’s vote, it appears that Schiff’s efforts were successfully upset when he “had to talk about the rule of law, facts and evidence.” “When you go to court with deficient claims,” Fitton concludes, “you get thrown out, and that’s what’s going to happen here.”

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