This week’s Judicial Watch Weekly Update with Tom Fitton focuses on the Senate impeachment proceedings. President Tom Fitton discusses the FBI’s role in lying to the FISA Court and Schiff’s conspiracy to disseminate false information on the President of the United States. 

The Senate impeachment trial, if anything, has once again shown the American people that “Schiff is lying about the President of the United States,” Fitton states. Digging deeper, Judicial Watch has found more on the FISA Court “spy warrants,” which, Fitton continues, the FBI recently acknowledged were “garbage” and “lies” to gain the necessary authorizations to spy on President Trump, Carter Page and his team. The FISA Court approved the FBI requests for warrants on four separate occasions between 2016 and 2018, but “waited for the [2019] IG Report” to be told “what they should’ve known for 2 years,” Fitton claims. However, the court has yet to institute the needed “criminal proceedings related to the obstruction of the court process,” Fitton concludes.

Clearly, the FBI’s documented penchant for corruptly misleading the court does little to maintain public confidence in the agency, the Mueller investigation, and the FISA Court itself. However, while the public debate may now shift to discussing the legitimacy of the court, the public cannot lose focus. Investigations must be focused on those “who lied for political reasons,” Fitton continues.

Furthermore, while “the FBI has agreed to sequester or “wall-off” all the material gathered in the warrants on Trump and Carter Page, the damage has been done. An admission of error does not vindicate the FBI from the injury it has caused to the American Republic. After all, “Trump is being impeached based on these false dossiers… the scam Russia case,” Fitton affirms. Moreover, Fitton states, “the corrupt liberal media that collaborated with the gang will have you focus on the impeachment based on nothing.” Truly, Americans should focus on the egregious misconduct of the FBI, Schiff and the House Coup-Cabal which is now threatening the Senate. “Don’t be distracted America,” their actions confirm that the POTUS is “a crime victim,” Fitton concludes.

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