This week’s Judicial Watch Weekly Update with Tom Fitton focuses on Rep. Adam Schiff’s role in the Senate Impeachment Hearings, including what Fitton defines to be his conspiracy to lead the “greatest corruption story in US history.”

When it comes to the Senate impeachment trial, the American people must be aware of Adam Schiff’s “ethically compromised” nature, Fitton states. Judicial Watch has taken an active role, filing two ethics complaints for Schiff’s “discussing and disclosing classified information in violation of House rules… and improperly coordinating with Anti-Trump witnesses,” Fitton confirms. Furthermore, Schiff’s “phone records scam” is only the tip of the iceberg. Judicial Watch is also suing for information on Yovanovitch’s activities as Ambassador to the Ukraine, as well as Biden’s Burisma dealings and China dealings. “We asked for the records,” Fitton continues, “but were denied by the State Department, per usual.”

This week, Judicial Watch is fighting for more information on the activities of Adam Schiff, “one of the chief proponents of the great defamation,”  as described by Fitton. Considered to be an architect of the Spygate effort, Adam Schiff “pushed the [Steele] dossier… opposed Nunes’ efforts to discover who was behind the dossier… and told agencies to not cooperate with Nunes’ requests for information.” “He’s a cover up-artist” – acting in “obstruction of Congress,” Fitton concludes. Responding to mounting evidence of misconduct made available through Judicial Watch FOIA requests and lawsuits, Fitton enquires: “will the Justice Department issue reports or do prosecutions?” “If I were the President,” Fitton continues, “I would directly appoint a special counsel to investigate all of this.” “I don’t trust the Justice Department and the FBI any further than I can throw them.”

The President must take “direct action,” according to Fitton, from Schiff’s malfeasance, to the hundreds of documents implicating the FBI, State Department, DOJ, and many others. “He should release all the documents we’ve been fighting about” as “there is much to be done,” Fitton concludes.

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