In this week’s Weekly Update, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton also discussed the corrupt prosecution of Representative Duncan Hunter. Evidence obtained by a Judicial Watch lawsuit against the Department of Justice “raise serious questions about whether these prosecutors were lying to the court,” Fitton states.

New documents obtained by Judicial Watch have raised deep concerns about the FBI’s prosecution of Rep. Duncan Hunter. Mr. Hunter has been charged with “60 separate accounts related to the misuse of campaign funds… an indication that something is up” Fitton states. Guilty or not, the obtained documents suggest the officials prosecuting the conservative congressman were “registered Democrats” and “Clinton supporters,” who attended a Clinton campaign event in 2015, Fitton affirms. Hunter filed a motion to dismiss the charges in June 2019 “on the grounds that Robinson and Allen had a political conflict of interest due to their attendance at the Clinton fundraiser.”

The DOJ responded to Hunter’s request stating that the FBI officials in question, Alana Robinson and Emily W. Allens were asked to attend the Clinton fundraiser “in the event of a protective security related incident where immediate prosecutorial guidance would be necessary.” However, email communications between two US Attorney’s Office officials indicate that this “obviously a lie,” Fitton concludes. The respective email correspondence between the two officials reads “Thank you so much for the invitation to this morning’s event! I was blown away by your incredible hospitality and can’t thank you enough for allowing us to crash that fabulous party. It was a really memorable morning.”

In attending the event for reasons clearly inconsistent with the DOJ’s excuse of providing “prosecutorial guidance,” the FBI officials in question violated the Hatch Act, which “generally prohibits federal employees from participating in political activities while on duty, and Department of Justice regulations impose further restrictions on prosecutors.  Rules of professional conduct prohibit attorneys from knowingly making false statements of material fact to a tribunal or failing to correct such statements. They also require truthfulness in statements to others,” a Judicial Watch Press Release states. These facts evidence “how out of control the Justice Department is,” Fitton continues. “You can’t trust anything the Justice Department does in terms of prosecutions of any political figures.” Regardless, “it’s a broader issue and I hope the Attorney General of the United States gets wind of this,” Fitton concludes.

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