From Chris Farrell in the Daily Caller:

“There are reasons for the due process guarantees enshrined in the Constitution. And if you want insight into those reasons, look no further than California Rep. Adam Schiff’s secret impeachment process. Schiff is a liar, and now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to ask the House to rhetorically swear to his lies in a resolution slated for a vote this Thursday. Doubling-down on corruption is the hallmark of the anti-Trump left.

The investigation Schiff is secretly stage-managing is akin to the types of sham judicial proceedings common in England in the middle of the last millennium. Schiff’s procedurally bizarre and legally abusive “inquiry” has all the characteristics of the notorious Star Chamber, an institution used by the British Crown to oppress and terrorize political opponents while claiming to uphold the very rights and processes it destroyed.”



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