From Judicial Watch Chris Farrell’s op-ed for The Daily Caller:

“The latest twist in the ongoing “Ukrainian mania” possessing America’s news media is the indictment of Ukrainian businessmen Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman on federal charges of funneling money to American political campaigns in order to influence U.S. policy on Ukraine. You are supposed to believe, through innuendo (of course) that they have some sinister, clandestine, personal ties to the president. The siege of Donald J. Trump must continue — facts be damned!

Pundits and politicians are struggling to figure out which Ukrainians are which, what’s the difference between Burisma and Naftogaz, and why, according to new documents released by a Ukrainian MP, Burisma funneled $900,000 to Joe (no, not Hunter) Biden for lobbying activities. Well, maybe the press would rather ignore that one.

Parnas and Fruman have been in the public eye before. And Rudy Giuliani identified them as his clients last May, when the Ukraine issue first started to percolate. The timing of the new indictment is highly suspicious, coming as it does when Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff is trying to make an impeachment case over President Trump’s July 25 phone call to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, who, like Trump, says the conversation was completely benign.”

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