From Judicial Watch Investigator Chris Farrell’s Op-Ed for The Daily Caller:

“The so-called White House “whistleblower” does not merit protection. He needs to be exposed.

To resolve the questions before the country, he must be publicly identified and questioned under oath. The right guaranteed all Americans under the Constitution — in this case, the Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment — is not superseded by Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff’s self-serving interpretation of workplace administrative regulations concerning potential management retaliation against an employee. Reminder to the left: One of your virtue posturing mottos, now emblazoned on the homepage of The Washington Post, “Democracy Dies in Darkness” — applies to you and everyone. Equal justice under the law.

House Democrats disingenuously exploited the anonymity provisions of whistleblower regulations to kick off their impeachment-style process aimed at President Trump. According to a few, brave, authentic journalists, there is strong circumstantial evidence suggesting that the person who filed the “whistleblower” complaint is a CIA analyst and former National Security Council staffer. But the media and the tech titans are doing their best to make sure you never hear this name. These organizations have, ironically, engaged in self-executing “prior restraint” — normally a form of government censorship that would otherwise have them howling before a federal court and publishing their stories — state secrets be damned! The hypocrisy is astounding.

Censoring the name is widespread. Few major media outlets are reporting on him. Facebook has been scrubbing any mention of the “whistleblower” as a violation of its “coordinating harm” policy. There is no Wikipedia page for the “whistleblower,” and the page for his surname is “protected to prevent vandalism.” A site search shows that he is not even mentioned incidentally on the English Wikipedia site, though he does appear briefly in Spanish — for now, anyway.”

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