From Judicial Watch Investigator Chris Farrell’s latest op-ed for The Daily Caller:

“In most scandals it is the alleged wrongdoer who wants to keep a lid on information, to stonewall and obfuscate, while investigators insist on openness and laying the facts before the public.

In the case of the Democrats’ impeachment-style inquiry — not an actual impeachment since it hasn’t been voted on — Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff and his collaborators want to keep the proceedings under wraps while the White House is pushing for transparency. That suggests that it is the investigators who are up to no good.

The names of the so-called “whistleblowers” remain secret. Two hearings, with former Ukraine special envoy Kurt Volker, and Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, were in secure facilities. Schiff and his cohorts have put together a clever, yet disingenuous, rationale for secrecy. They claim (falsely) the whistleblower law assures absolute anonymity, plus since the intelligence community is involved, that implies that all matters should be conducted behind closed doors. But there are no national security interests involved in this new witch hunt, no actual reason to keep the public from knowing the truth. In fact, when the stakes are this high the process must not be shrouded in secrecy. The public has a right to judge the motives and the interests of the people involved. (RELATED: I Worked On The Clinton Impeachment — And Trump Is Not Impeachable)

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