“On October 19, Everytown’s Moms hosted a “Firearms 101” event at a New Jersey public library, featuring speaker Scott Pappalardo, its “volunteer leader.” The objective was to educate attendees on “firearms basics–how they work, how they are classified and how the permitting process works in NJ and in other states across the country.”

The New Jersey Second Amendment Society reports that Mr. Pappalardo relied on a variety of teaching aids in his presentation: live ammunition, several “large capacity magazines,”unserialized 80 percent AR-15 lower receivers (along with the other parts necessary to assemble a workable AR-15 rifle), and a large dagger or bayonet.

Lecturing on how firearms and firearm components “are classified”in New Jersey presupposes some understanding of the state’s gun laws. Of course, whoever possessed, furnished and transported these props was bound by the applicable criminal laws.

New Jersey’s extreme gun laws include a ban on possessing a “large capacity ammunition magazine”(over ten rounds), unless the possessor has a registered “assault firearm”and the magazine is used for competitive shooting matches sanctioned by the Director of Civilian Marksmanship. Another law prohibits “transport”of these magazines, except by authorized law enforcement or military personnel. Unlicensed persons who obtain, separately or as part of a kit, a firearm frame or firearm receiver not imprinted with a serial number registered with a federally licensed manufacturer, or any combination of parts from which a firearm without a serial number may be assembled, are also liable to face criminal charges. (A frame or receiver in this context includes any object or part which is not a firearm frame or receiver, but “is designed or intended to be used for that purpose and which may readily be made into a firearm frame or receiver through milling or other means.”)”

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