Could we have been looking at the Russian Investigation all wrong?

Let us start today thinking through the narrative just prior to the 2016 election. Did anyone think that Donald Trump was going to win? Let me rephrase that, didn’t we all think at the end of that night that we would be coronating Hillary Clinton? I start here because it is an often neglected aspect of the investigation that has consumed this nation for at least 3 years. If we all thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win, then how did we end up here?

The Power of “The Deep State”

I think it is plausible that “when” Hillary was elected as our 45th president, that the FBI & Justice Department were fully prepared to levy the full weight of the federal government against private citizen Donald Trump and anyone who assisted him and his campaign. Is the fact that he is president the only reason he is not in a lengthy court battle or already in jail? Could it be that as embarrassing this is for our country, and how terrible this if for Donald Trump and his family, that the fact that the Democrats are not in power has saved him from eating Big Macs from behind bars?

Our homie, James Comey, is a crony

James Comey our homie plays a significant role in this as we are all finding out. It wasn’t long ago that the mainstream media’s message was that Comey was hated by both Republicans and Democrats. It seemed like even with his last-minute announcement investigating Hillary yet again, it was quick and his conclusion was in her favor. Does that moment in time buy James Comey cover for the inevitable set-up of Donald Trump? Could someone that is about to claim he has uncovered a Russian mole, a Manchurian candidate, be that hated by Hillary once he prosecutes her enemy? Could that release be Comey throwing us off the scent of the deep state’s involvement?

So in summary, what if this elaborate effort was not meant to overthrow a “President Trump” but was to put him in jail to teach the masses not to mess with career politicians and the system that feeds their families and wallets. Have decades of Democrat created, bloated government, created an army within our government’s walls creating insulation to the hands that feed them?