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A watchdog group asked a federal judge on Dec. 17 to subpoena Google for records on a Gmail account used to transfer the archive of Hillary Clinton’s emails from her tenure as the secretary of state.

Judicial Watch, a conservative government transparency group, filed the request as part of its yearslong litigation against the Department of State. The group is also seeking an interview with Paul Combetta, the information technology specialist who used the Gmail account to transfer all of Clinton’s government emails to an unauthorized private email server.

Combetta created the Gmail account——in 2012 and used it to test email issues for his clients. The name of the Gmail account, CarterHeavyIndustries, has fueled suspicions that China gained access to all of Clinton’s emails.

An Intelligence Community Inspector General investigator, Frank Rucker, flagged the Gmail account in the metadata of all but four of the emails Clinton’s lawyers handed over to Congress, according to documents released by Sen. Chuck Grassley in August. Rucker became alarmed after searching Google for “Carter Heavy Industries” and coming up with a website for a Chinese company.

The inspectors general for the Intelligence Community and the Justice Department reviewed the matter and did not turn up any evidence to link Combetta with the Chinese company. The inspectors general further determined that the Gmail address ended up in the metadata of virtually every email because Combetta used the Gmail account to transfer Clinton’s emails from a laptop to an email server.

Although the inspectors general appear to have closed the inquiry into, their report on the matter raised a number of new questions, including why Combetta used such a peculiar name for the account, whether any of his clients’ systems were still connected to the Gmail account, and why hundreds of Clinton’s emails were still in the Gmail account years after Combetta transferred the Clinton email archive.

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